3 in 1 Compact Servo Roller Feeder with Straightener and Uncoiler

3 in 1 Compact Servo Roller Feeder with Straightener and Uncoiler

3 in 1 compact servo roller feeder with straightener and uncoiler

three in 1 precision NC servo straightener, feeder and uncoiler, PLC manage, best electric elements, can be utilized with mechanical press for vehicle creation punching and stamping strains.

I.Feeding feature by PLC program from MITSUBISHI
1.NC Servo feeding. Working with Computerize Numerical Management by PLC system from MITSUBISHI manufactured in Japan.
The electrical elements from YASKAWA made in Japan including Servo motor, driver, encoder,interface display and so on.
2.Substantial precision feeding: to meet up with the coming of hello-tech market, controlled by pc shut circuit suggestions method to hold precision diploma within +/-.15mm
3.Feeding perform: enter twenty sets of diverse feed size, every single team supplies 999 instances for punching or slicing to satisfy processing of specific merchandise.
four.Substantial effectiveness launch gadget, match with adjustment of signal from the cutter or push equipment by means of cable wire.
five.Environment of feed size: right enter feed duration on the manage plate, and then it can achieve necessary distance, feed size max 9999.99mm. speed max 100m/min

II. Straightening function
one.3 in one uncoiler and straightener will save room and boost efficiency.
2. Straightener and thickness adjustment by four worm equipment micro-adjuster withreading .1mm progress reference indicator.
3.Feed and straightener roll with a challenging chrome plated.
4.Higher rigid mechanical style strong design, and higher power output to secure proper straightening and feeding for the duration of the speed rising efficiency.
five.CZPT loop management method.
6.Electrical power hold down arm device
seven.Inverse curve roll, simple to established up the curve up or down of feeding exit path.
8.Feeding line simply modified by advance worm equipment screw Jacks gadget
nine.Coil Material Entry assist Assembly can bring the material into pinch rollers Immediately to help save male power and improve basic safety,
10.Coil aspect manual
eleven.Outgoing catenary to assist and assist the substance
twelve.A Clusster equipment established maximizes transmission of horse electricity.


Merchandise/Design TNCF2-300 TNCF2-four hundred TNCF2-five hundred TNCF2-600 TNCF2-seven hundred TNCF2-800
Width of Materials(mm) 75-three hundred 75-four hundred seventy five-500 75-600 seventy five-700 75-800
Thickness of Content(mm) .3-two.3
Max. Coil Fat(kg) 2T            3T                 5T
fat can be CZPT
Coil L.D.(mm) 508
Max. Coil O.D.(mm) 1200
Max.Speed(m/min) 16
Feed Pitch Accuracy(mm) ±0.15
Feed ROLL Upper1 / Lower1
Straighten  ROLL Upper5 / Lower4
Voltage 380VAC / 60Hz
Air power offer 5kg / CM²
Uncoiler Growth CZPT
Servo Motor(kw) AC1.eight AC2.nine
Uncoiler  Motor(kw) 1.five KW two.2 KW
Coil Automobile optional
Go line ±100 MM

Product/Model TNCF3-three hundred TNCF3-400 TNCF3-five hundred TNCF3-600 TNCF3-seven-hundred TNCF3-800 TNCF3-1000
Width of Content(mm) 75-300 seventy five-four hundred 75-five hundred seventy five-600 75-seven-hundred 75-800 seventy five-one thousand
Thickness of Substance(mm) .four – three.2
Max.coil Fat(kg) 2T         3T        5T                        
Coil L.D.(mm) 508
Max.Coil O.D.(mm) 1200
Max.Pace(m/min) sixteen
Feed Pitch Precision(mm) ±0.15
Feed ROLL Upper1 / Lower1
Straighten  ROLL Upper5 / Lower4 Upper4 / Lower3
Voltage 380VAC / 60Hz
Air power provide 5kg / CM²
Uncoiler Expansion CZPT
Servo Motor(kw) AC1.8        AC2.9                         AC4.4
Uncoiler  Motor(kw) 1.5 KW two.2 KW
Coil Car optional
Move line ±100 MM

3 in 1 Compact Servo Roller Feeder with Straightener and Uncoiler