80st-M1330 M02430 M03520 M0425 AC Brushless and Brush Motor

80st-M1330 M02430 M03520 M0425 AC Brushless and Brush Motor

80ST-M1330 M57130 M5710 M0425 AC Brushless And Brush Motor

-Introduction of item
Servo motor refers to the motor which controls the procedure of mechanical elements in the servo system. It is a sort of auxiliary motor indirect speed change gadget.
The servo motor can make the handle pace and position precision really exact. It can convert the voltage signal into torque and pace to generate the management object. The rotor velocity of the servo motor is managed by the enter signal and can respond rapidly. In the computerized handle technique, it is used as the actuator and has the qualities of small electromechanical time constant, high linearity, beginning voltage, etc. it can transform the received electrical sign into the angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft. It can be divided into DC and AC servo motors. Its main function is that when the signal voltage is zero, there is no self rotation, and the pace decreases with the boost of torque.

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*Qualities of DC brushless servo motor
Small second of inertia, minimal commencing voltage, modest no-load recent abandoning the speak to reversing system, drastically enhancing the motor speed, with the highest velocity up to 100 000 rpm the speed, place, torque, and so on. can be controlled CZPT encoder when the brushless servo motor performs servo control There is no brush wear, in addition to substantial pace, but also has a prolonged existence, low noise, no electromagnetic interference and other qualities.

*Qualities of DC brush servo motor
1. Tiny size, quick motion, quick response, massive overload ability, extensive speed range
2. Large reduced pace torque, little fluctuation and stable procedure
three. Reduced sound and substantial effectiveness
four. Back stop encoder opinions (optional) to sort DC servo and other positive aspects
five. Massive voltage transformation range and adjustable frequency

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80st-M1330 M02430 M03520 M0425 AC Brushless and Brush Motor