Automatic Face Mask Making Machine

Automatic Face Mask Making Machine

One. Use
This production line is largely used for computerized forming of masks N95, KN95, and many others., and is transported below the flat belt for collection by means of the assembly line.
Two. Characteristics

  1. Automatic rigidity manage of raw components to make sure that the pressure of uncooked resources is balanced
  2. Pc PLC editing manage, large output, sturdy stability, low failure price
  3. Photoelectric detection of raw components to stay away from blunders and lessen squander
  4. Can produce two to 4 layers of masks
  5. The machine has an automatic counting purpose
  6. Replacing distinct molds can generate masks of diverse sizes and styles
  7. High accuracy of automatic feeding, quick speed
  8. Substantial degree of automation can significantly lessen the perform depth of personnel
  9. Independent procedure box, effortless to work, all steps are safeguarded by security..

Three. Equipment parameters

NO. Parameter things Content material
one Tools size 10000mm(L)x1800mm(W)x2400mm(H)
2 Exterior coloration CZPT regular white + gray, comply with this common CZPT unique instructions
3 products weight ≤1500kg, ground load ≥500KG / m2
four Operating power Products 220VAC soil 5%, 5OHZ, rated electricity about 10KW
5 Compressed air .5 ~ .7MPa, utilizing movement rate of about 300L / min
6 Use surroundings Temperature ten ~ 35 ºC. Humidity 5-35% HR, no flammability, corrosive gas, no dust (cleanliness no considerably less than 100,000)
seven Productivity 30ppm (efficiency per minute)
8 Qualification price of tools generation 99% (Incoming supplies do not fulfill requirements, except for inappropriate operation by staff)
9 Travel way Motor / Pneumatic / Servo
ten Feeding technique Coil
11 Operation approach Car / Manual / Jog
12 CZPT handle manner PLC

4. Equipment construction and program configuration
one.Overview:This creation line is largely composed of raw material feeding mechanism, nose bridge line & embossing mechanism, printing system, welding ear band mechanism, labeling system, mask chopping & waste processing mechanism, air handle technique, and digital manage program.
2.Raw substance feeding mechanism: N95 masks are usually composed of three-6 layers of material. When numerous levels of masks are needed, set a handful of rolls of fabric on the substance rack, every roll of fabric passes by way of the tensioning system, and then passes via the cloth roll support body, into One particular process.
three. Nose bridge line & embossing system: Fold many layers of cloth, the nose bridge line arrives out of the tray, passes the guide, enters the feeding box, and right after the nose bridge line is shipped into situation, the harmony wheel just touches the cutter, and the nose bridge line is minimize. The nose bridge line is pushed into the fabric at the same time, the embossing mildew pushes the mask material out of the texture.
4. Printing company: The motor drives the synchronous pulley to transfer and correct the sliding system and the synchronous belt. The mimeograph box is initial coated with paint on the pad printing plate, the seal moves to the pad printing plate, and then the biaxial cylinder is pressed down, the seal is stained with pigment, and ultimately the seal is moved more than the situation the place the fabric passes, and the biaxial cylinder is pressed down to paint Printed on material.
5.Welding earband system: The earband arrives out of the feeding mechanism and goes to the earband pulling fusion mechanism. Then the earband pulls the fusion mechanism, pulls the earband, and then the earband is minimize by the ear-chopping system, and ultimately by the ear. The belt is pulled and welded, and the earband is welded to the mask.
six. Labeling mechanism: The label tray passes by way of the middle of the stripping plate and the pressure plate by way of three rollers, and at the very same time, the label on the bottom paper is hooked up to the mask, the base paper passes the traction system, and ultimately reaches the base paper roller. Drive the air cylinder to drive the labeling plate and stress plate onto the mask for labeling.
seven. Mask cutting & squander processing mechanism: mask feeding and feeding system, folding roller system, after folding, cutting and embossing mildew and ultrasonic heating, chopping the mask, and turning the earband upward following passing the earband situation , The discharge belt provides out the mask, and the reduce squander flows into the squander bin.
8. Air control technique: Compressed fuel from an external resource is purified by a precision h2o-gas separator. The force can be altered to supply a excellent gas setting for each and every circuit element. The valve body controls the accuracy of the cylinder piston. Position, making use of higher-good quality pneumatic components to make sure the sensitivity and security of different actions throughout long-phrase use.
9. Body: the primary frame of the equipment, the transmission line, and so on. are assembled from aluminum profiles and welded with rectangular tubes. At the identical time, warning signs are placed on the components involving private basic safety.
10. CZPT manage cabinet: use PLC management system, air change adopts domestic substantial-top quality air swap, Schneider button, other major electrical parts this kind of as decide on swap and intermediate relay are all OMRON items.
11.The installation of the electrical parts of the products complies with the related countrywide restrictions and has a dependable grounding gadget. The terminals, contactors and modest air switches in the electrical box are set up in the VDE normal V-groove. Every single electrical ingredient is clearly marked. The electrical manage cabinet uses all-plastic combing cupboards with wire trunking for distinct wire numbers the handle panel is clean and the subtitles on the symptoms are obvious and easy to see.
Five. Tools routine maintenance

  1. Check out the air strain and the condition of every fastener daily to make sure reputable use.
  2. Regularly lubricate all moving elements and keep the tools tidy.
  3. Often clean up the dust of the gear to steer clear of impacting the procedure and item high quality.
  4. The normal functioning time of the gear is calculated from 8-ten hrs for each working day. If the operating time is longer because of to creation, the inspection and update of wearing elements, motors and other components must be strengthened to guarantee the balance of the products.

6. Shipping time period
25 days following the prepayment.
7. Payment approach
L/C or T/T
8. Providers and other

  1. The supplier’s technical workers is liable for remotely instructing the purchaser’s personnel for installation and commissioning the commissioning components are provided by the purchaser
  2. The warranty period of time of the equipment is 50 percent a calendar year (apart from injury brought on by irregular use and consumables) donning elements are not integrated in the warranty scope. For information, please refer to the “putting on areas list” in the instruction manual.
  3. The abnormal top quality of the equipment is obtained, and the provide and demand sides negotiate to solve it
  4. After the warranty period expires, the provider fees labor and transportation charges for the upkeep of the gear, which entails the alternative or purchase of gear-connected add-ons, and the supplier only costs the price.
  5. The solution is shipped to the customer’s designated place (domestic) on time, and the freight is responsible for by the provider.
  6. This item is delivered randomly: a guide and a set of molds (if other requirements are needed, the value will be quoted independently).
  7. The customer shall provide the electricity voltage / compressed air gasoline resource and the grounding gadget in accordance with the electrical requirements on the internet site of the customer.

Automatic Face Mask Making Machine