High Torque 48V DC Servo Motor 1.5kw DC Motor 1500rpm BLDC Motor with Encoder for ATV and Agv

High Torque 48V DC Servo Motor 1.5kw DC Motor 1500rpm BLDC Motor with Encoder for ATV and Agv

48v dc servo motor 1.5kw dc motor 1500rpm bldc motor with brake for Atomizing sprayer,Fire preventing Robot


Merchandise overview

one.Item Features:

one) Security quality:IP65, insulation grade:F
2) Winding overhang structure optimization, to minimize the copper loss and iron loss minimization, tiny volume, light bodyweight, lower temperature increase, high efficiency
3) Super large coercivity, the highest magnetic power item NdFe35 long term magnetic materials, sturdy resistance to demagnetization, motor efficiency is stable.
four) Reduced sound, lower vibration, reduced instant of inertia.
five) Substantial torque, quick dynamic response, wide velocity assortment, powerful overload ability (four times)
6) High Torque to inertia ratio&up to 25000Nm/kgm²
seven) Fast dynamic reaction *time constant <20ms
eight )Broad speed adjusting&suggestions up to one thousand:1
nine) Continual speed precision up to .five%
ten)Large overload,2Mn/30s,three.5N.m/10s
11) Tiny quantity and mild
twelve) Silent,the cheapest sound is only 45dB(A)
13) Guarded with IP65,Class F insulation


two.Business course:

a.The altitude ought to be above a thousand meters over sea stage
b.Atmosphere temperature:+5ºC~+40ºC
c.The thirty day period average tallest relative humidity is ninety%,at the identical the thirty day period typical cheapest temperature is much less than 25 

3.Solution Parameter:

Product KY110AS571-fifteen Volt 48v
Electrical power 1500w

Rated Torque


Rated Speed


Rated Existing


Peak Torque


Line Resistance


Rotor Continual


Torque constant


Again EMF Constant

24 v/kr/min

Rotor Inertia


Mechanical Time Constant


CZPTal Time Continuous



2500ppr Fat 12kg


four.Connected Items:

Product Volt Power Rated speed Rated Recent Rated Torque Peak Torque
Unit V W r/min A N.m N.m
KY60AS5711-thirty 24 a hundred 3000 five.4 .318 .95
KY60AS5712-thirty 24 200 3000 10.4 .sixty three one.89
KY80AS5712-fifteen 24/forty eight 200 1500 9.four/four.7 one.27 three.eight
KY80AS5714-fifteen 24/48 four hundred 1500 21.3/10.6 2.fifty five 7.sixty five
KY80AS5714-30 24/forty eight 400 3000 eighteen.eight/nine.4 1.27 three.eight
KY110AS0405-15 24/forty eight 500 1500 24/fourteen 3.1 ten.8
KY110AS0408-fifteen 24/forty eight 800 1500 forty four/22 five seventeen.9
KY110AS571-fifteen 24/forty eight one thousand 1500 fifty two/28 six.3 22
KY110AS571-fifteen 48 1500 1500 37.five 9.five 28
KY110AS0420-25 48 2000 2500 fifty five 7.six 26


48 3000 1500 seventy three 19 57


forty eight a thousand 1500 28 six.three 22
KY130AS571-15 48 1500 1500 37.five 9.five 28


High Torque 48V DC Servo Motor 1.5kw DC Motor 1500rpm BLDC Motor with Encoder for ATV and Agv