Lkp300L-4 Centrifugal Fan De Aire Acondicionado

Lkp300L-4 Centrifugal Fan De Aire Acondicionado

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Product Definition
Part 1: Design Code
No. 1 L: centrifugual fan
No.two K: air conditioning fan W
No. 3 P: belt drivenexternal rotor motor generate Z: shaft push
No. four None: solitary-circumstance, double inlet D: one-circumstance, one-inlet S: double-scenario, double-inlet W: solitary-inlet CZPT scenario
Portion 2: blade diameter code, unit is mm
Part three: case width code, up to two bits
SS: little width S: modest width M: medium width L: big width
Part four: motor pole 

This kind of as LKP300L-four is centrifugal air conditioining admirer, blade diameter 300mm with massive width, motor poles 4

CZPT Specification    

Design No velocity rated quantity rated force Rated Sounds quantity selection voltage freq. motor frame  electricity recent excess weight
    m3/h Pa dB(A) m3/h V Hz dimension kw A kg
LKP300L-4 900 5600 310 73 4750~6200 380/forty eight 50/DC Y90S-4 65
LKP300L-4 1000 6200 380 seventy five 5250~6800 380/forty eight fifty/DC Y90L-4 1.five 68
LKP300L-4 1100 6800 460 seventy seven 5750~7500 380/forty eight fifty/DC Y100L1-4 two.2 5/48 76
LKP300L-4 1200 7400 550 seventy nine 6250~7810 380/48 50/DC Y100L1-four two.2 five/48 76
LKP300L-4 1300 8100 650 eighty one 6850~8900 380/forty eight 50/DC Y100L2-4 3 6.8/66 seventy nine
LKP300L-four 1400 8800 760 83 7450~9700 380/seventy two 50/DC Y112M-four 4 8.eight/56 87

***LKP250 to LKP1250 CZPT, motor electrical power assortment from .55kw to 110kw CZPT, AC and DC electricity provide both CZPT***

Installation Method

This kind of as, Matching motor EIF-AS248 for DC electricity supply under our “ac induction motor” in made-in-china, or get specification from our EIFPMG website.
Such as, Matching push EIF-ASD248, can locate this one particular underneath our “ac induction motor generate” in produced-in-china, or get specification from our EIFPMG web site.

The reduced sound supporters we designed like LK collection centrifugal supporters and ZL series axial enthusiasts, which can boost the output strain, reduce sounds and enhance efficiency. It is commonly utilised in accommodations, colleges, hospitals, factories, mines, higher-velocity railway, buses, and other fields. 
Please send out your particulars to get technical session for your real utilization

We supply complete axial/centrifugal ventilation equipment  with improved conserving-vitality electrical motor, AC and DC electricity offer each CZPT.
Axial and Centrifugal Ventilators Accessible, improved electrical motor and driver CZPT


What we will do for you:                        
one. supply complex advisor prior to buy and affirm your actual complex requirement according to your description on use inside one-three working days                        
2. offer the correct and accredited under significant quality inspection technique stepper motor product within 10 times(if CZPT design,we will recheck the shipping and delivery time)                        
3. supply specialized assist when the item arrives you, to make certain you can run the device smoothly               
4. give 1 year guarantee, and complete existence technical support                        
five. always update our item information with you.       

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Lkp300L-4 Centrifugal Fan De Aire Acondicionado