Sheet with Shielding Electromagnetic Wave Material

Sheet with Shielding Electromagnetic Wave Material

  Shielding Electromagnetic Wave Substance

NFC Ferrite Sheet:

JRF-GF1000 NFC Ferrite Sheet(ferrite delicate magnetic sheet) is a kind of excellent sheet materials
used in thirteen.56 MHz interaction magnetic subject about antenna for anti steel. that is primarily based on
the magnetic ferrite sheet material of large temperature sintering , by increasing the magnetic subject
toughness, efficiently boost the induction distance.


1. Can be bended
2. It also makes certain lower magnetic decline (U “)
three. Efficiently increases the performance of NFC items
4. By itself with double-sided adhesive in combination with near fitting.
5. Form can be in in accordance customer’s needs to  stamping processing.

Merchandise Residence : 

                  JRFT-GF1000 Qualities Desk
  Test Product   Test Knowledge    Test Device Device Reference CZPT
    Color     Black       Visual   .   Visual
  Effective  Frequency   ≤13.56MHz Operating Frequency  MHz GB/T15151-1994
  Thickness    0.06-.two  Hardness Tester  MM     ..
CZPT Dimension  70×115      125×125      CZPT      Measurement  MM     ..
 Continuous  Use Temp     -one hundred twenty     CZPT Refrigerator/Oven  ºC     ..
   Viscosity      150       Pa.s    
Permeability 13.56MHZ u’=150+/-twenty%  nu”=three+/-20%   Special Tester    Permeability  u     ..



1. Contactless IC card
two. Cell cellphone with NFC perform
3. Isolated metal content for antenna subject absorption
4. Increases antenna magnetic area energy, effectively boost communication distance induction
five. RFID go through / write gadget / RFID tags for thirteen.56MHZ NFC cellular phone antenna and RFID products / label


Typical dimensions: 70mm*115mm ,a hundred twenty five mm *125mm ,65mm*125mm , 55mm*115mm  
Unique size, can be in accordance customer’s necessity to stamping. 

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We can make a lot of requirements according to your requests. 

Free of charge samples are CZPT , for more information , pls kindly allow me . 



Sheet with Shielding Electromagnetic Wave Material