Squirrel Cage 3-Phase Induction Motor Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor High Efficiency Variable-Frequency Squirrel Cagemotor Ykk450-12 200kw 6kv IP54

Squirrel Cage 3-Phase Induction Motor Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor High Efficiency Variable-Frequency  Squirrel Cagemotor Ykk450-12 200kw 6kv IP54

YX, YXKS, YXKK collection of medium and big large-effectiveness high-voltage cage a few-section asynchronous motors have a total of forty heart heights from H90 to H1250. Our firm has adopted present day superior examination technology, blended with our company’s a long time of knowledge in planning and production motors. Determine and enhance the design and style of different losses, wind resistance of each and every wind route, and strength of every single ingredient. The use of large-good quality materials and scientific processing technology in the producing tends to make the collection motors have the rewards of substantial effectiveness, lower sound, low vibration, large reliability and convenient set up and upkeep.

The performance indicators of this sequence of merchandise comply with the rules of the Ministry of Finance and the National CZPT and Reform Fee on the “Implementation Guidelines for the Advertising of Motors in Universities and Faculties for Vitality-conserving Goods Benefiting Tasks”.
This collection of motors can be employed to travel different general equipment this sort of as fans, pumps, compressors and other mechanical gear, and are widely used in electric electrical power, equipment, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industrial and mining enterprises.

2. Implementation standards
GB 755 Rotating CZPT Equipment Rating and Performance
GB/T 1993 Rotating electric powered machine cooling technique
GB 10068 The measurement, evaluation and limits of mechanical vibration of motors with a shaft center peak of 56mm and above
GB/T 10069.1 Rotating electrical equipment noise measurement strategy and its boundaries Element one: Rotating electrical machine measurement method
GB 10069.3 Rotating Equipment Sound Measurement Technique and Limits Element 3: Sounds Limits
GB/T 13957 CZPT needs for simple sequence of big a few-period asynchronous motors
CZPT conditions of JB/T 7593 Y collection high voltage three-period asynchronous motor (frame size 355~630)
JB/T 1571.one YKS, YKS-W, YQF sequence high-voltage 3-phase asynchronous motor technological problems (body dimensions 355~630)
JB/T 1571.2YKK, YKS-W series higher-voltage a few-section asynchronous motor technological problems (frame dimension 355~630)
JB/T XXXX YKK series, YXKK collection higher voltage (10KV) three-period asynchronous motor complex circumstances and strength performance classification (frame measurement 400~630)

3. Simple technological parameters
Electrical power range: eighteen.5-25000KV
Quantity of poles: 2P-16P
Rated voltage: 380KV-thirteen.8KV (6KV and 10KV parameters are detailed in the data sheet, and can also be made into 3KV, 6.6KV, 11KV, thirteen.8KV)
Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Insulation class: F
Security degree: IP23, IP44, IP54
Cooling strategy: IC01, IC81W, IC611, IC616, IC666
Set up approach: IMB3
Quota: SI (function method)

Four, complex qualities and structure kind
four.one This collection of motors undertake a box structure, the body is welded by metal plates into a box kind, light fat, great rigidity, the top of the motor is outfitted with a protecting best go over or cooler, which is practical for motor warmth dissipation, set up and servicing.
four.two The stator is made of higher-quality lower-decline silicon steel sheets laminated in sections to make sure the high quality of the iron core, so as to minimize iron core reduction and enhance effectiveness. The stator winding is made of F-course insulating material, which has sturdy insulation withstand voltage and anti-corona capacity. The winding ends are reliably fastened and tied, and vacuum force impregnation solvent-free paint method (VPI) is utilized, so the motor’s insulation functionality Outstanding and reliable, large mechanical power, powerful humidity resistance and prolonged support life.
four.3 Our firm designs a fan size in the same center, high and the very same pole variety according to 1-2 electricity documents, every single enthusiast calculates the air inlet and outlet angles in detail, and makes use of Ansys to assess the partial pressure air quantity of each and every part of the air duct, and design and style a sensible air duct The distribution and amount of air ducts strictly control the wind friction of the motor.
4.four The use of copper row rotors can successfully decrease added stray losses and minimize rotor bar losses.
four.five Via the German LDW motor higher-electrical power and higher-performance motor technologies transformation function, the slot-piece optimized construction is adopted, the air route is optimized, and the all round wind resistance of the motor is lowered to decrease the overall wind path loss.
four.6 The bearing adopts two varieties of rolling bearing and sliding bearing. It is established by the electrical power and velocity of the motor. Its defense level is IP44, IP54 or IP55. The rolling bearing is outfitted with a non-end oil injection and drainage device, which is effortless for consumers to use and maintain.
four.seven The main junction box is positioned on the proper aspect of the motor (considered from the extension conclude of the principal shaft), or it can be placed on the remaining aspect in accordance to consumer specifications. Independent grounding terminals are provided inside of and exterior the junction box.
four.eight In accordance to person specifications, temperature measuring units can be additional to essential parts these kinds of as stator windings and bearings to facilitate on-web site observation and remote checking to ensure risk-free and trustworthy operation of the motor.

five. Circumstances of use
five.1 Ambient air temperature: -25ºC~50ºC
five.2 Altitude: no a lot more than 1000 m
5.3 Rated frequency: 50Hz, allowable frequency deviation ±1%
five.four In the course of voltage operation, the allowable voltage deviation is ±5%. (It can run at ±10% beneath the issue of 7.3 in GB 755)

Squirrel Cage 3-Phase Induction Motor Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor High Efficiency Variable-Frequency  Squirrel Cagemotor Ykk450-12 200kw 6kv IP54