Y2 Cast Iron Asynchronous AC Electric Three Phase Induction Blower Axial Fan Motor

Y2 Cast Iron Asynchronous AC Electric Three Phase Induction Blower Axial Fan Motor

Y2 collection motor is the enhancement goods from Y series motor. Its performance have attain to intercontinental IEC specifications.It has novel construction,beautitul modeling fang,modest vibration and lower sounds feature. 

Rated Parameters
Base Heart Height:sixty three-315mm                                
Electricity Range: .twelve-one hundred ten kW
Nsulation Course: B or F                                      
Safety Class: IP54 (or IP55)
Work Technique: S1

Mounting Composition:
B3 Body CZPT foot cover finish flange
B35 Body with foot go over stop flange
B5 Body with foot go over stop flange

CZPT Parameters:

Model Rated Power Entire Load locked-rotor recent Rated Current  Ist/Tn locked-rotor Torque  Rated Torque   Tst/Tn Highest Torque  Rated Torque  Tst/Tn
Speed   r/min Current        A Performance  % Effectiveness Factor  CO
Synchronous Speed 3000 r/min (two Poles)
Y2-711-two .37 2740 .99 70 .81 six.one 2.two 2.2
Y2-712-2 .55 2740 1.4 73 .82 six.one 2.two two.three
Y2-801-two .seventy five 2830 one.eighty three 75 .83 six.1 two.2 two.three
Y2-802-two 1.1 2830 two.fifty eight 77 .84 seven. 2.two 2.three
Y2-90S-two one.five 2840 three.forty three seventy nine .eighty four seven. 2.two 2.3
Y2-90L-two 2.two 2840 4.eighty five 81 .eighty five seven. 2.two 2.3
Y2-100L-two 3. 2870 six.31 83 .87 seven.five 2.two 2.three
Y2-112M-two four. 2890 eight.one 85 .88 7.five two.two 2.three
Y2-132S1-two five.five 2900 eleven. 86 .88 7.five 2.2 two.three
Y2-1322-2 7.5 2900 14.nine 87 .88 seven.5 two.2 2.three
Y2-160M1-two eleven 2930 21.three 88 .89 seven.5 two.2 2.three
Y2-160M2-two fifteen 2930 28.8 89 .89 7.five 2.2 two.three
Y2-160L-2 eighteen.5 2930 34.7 90 .ninety 7.five two.2 two.3
Y2-180M-two 22 2940 41. ninety .80 7.5 two. 2.three
Y2-200L1-2 thirty 2950 55.5 ninety one.two .ninety seven.5 2. 2.three
Y2-200L2-2 37 2950 67.nine ninety two .ninety 7.5 2. 2.3
Y2-225M-2 45 2970 82.3 92.3 .ninety 7.five two. two.three
Y2-250M-two fifty five 2970 101 92.5 .ninety 7.5 2. two.three
Y2-280S-two seventy five 2970 134 93 .ninety seven.five 2. two.3
Y2-280M-two ninety 2970 one hundred sixty ninety three.8 .ninety one 7.5 2. two.3
Y2-315S-2 one hundred ten 2980 195 94 .ninety one 7.1 1.eight two.2

Why Decide on Us:
Spot: Dayangcheng CZPT Area, Daxi Town, HangCZPT, ZHangCZPTg
Trademark: CHIMP
2016 HangCZPT Top a hundred enterprises rated: TOP67
Historical past: Far more than twenty five many years experience of manufacturing pumps and motors
Scale: Go over an spot of 70000 square meters (still in the expansion) and around 350 personnel 
Technologies: 3 groups of expert specialized engineers and robust R& D team five groups of independent skilled assembly line
Administration: Scientific ERP management and strict quality control system
Equipments: Computerized wiring equipment, Computerized paint spraying equipment, CNC precision computerized lathe, Electrophoresis line
Innovation: Repeatedly range goods selection to satisfy customers’ wants
Manufacturing ability: 80000 pcs/thirty day period
Marketing and advertising network: Asia,CZPTpe, Africa and The us
Certificates: CE, CZPT, RoHs
Marketing versions: Each Exports and domestic income

Compay Photographs:

Getting in touch with info:
TEL: -576-86330365
FAX: -576-86334238
MOB: 189 5766 8218

Y2 Cast Iron Asynchronous AC Electric Three Phase Induction Blower Axial Fan Motor