EPG Worm Gear Units Quiet and Powerful



The two-stage helical gear worm gear unit has been redesigned as a new worm gear unit. These units are made of high-strength or die-cast aluminum, which ensures maximum strength and rigidity while being lightweight. They can be further protected with optional surface treatments, such as the highly efficient motor seal surface conversion system. The SK 02040.1 has a wide power range from 0.16 to 20 HP and outputs up to 27,350 lb-in of torque. A wide range of ratios (from 5.37:1 to 330:1) can be optimally adapted to customer requirements, and the motor can be directly mounted without couplings or adapters (NEMA or IEC).

  • Hollow and solid shaft gear units
  • Bolt-on-, flange- and foot-mounted versions
  • Angled gear units


  • Soft and quiet running
  • High overload capacity
  • Robust design for long life and easy maintenance
  • High axial and radial load capacities enable safe operation
  • Robust gray cast iron housing
  • Application-specific versions