Siemens Electrical Motor Concrete Asphalt Scarifying 200mm

Siemens Electrical Motor Concrete Asphalt Scarifying 200mm

What is scarifying?

A concrete scarifier is equipped with a rotating, reducing instrument that rotates in a extremely substantial speed and this way

tears the surface area apart. A concrete scarifier is quite hard to work and generates strong vibrations.

SSM-250 is a hand held concrete scarifier to lower and remove floor at a thick volume.
1. Depth adjustment up to 10mm, depth adjustable.
2. Equipped with powerful motor, suited for huge area above a prolonged time period of time.
three. Has vacuum port to join vacuum cleaners to make certain dust-cost-free operation.
four. six-axis extended-life drum, knife shaft changeable

Product SSM250A
Working Width 250mm
Doing work Depth -5mm
Power seven.5kw
Pace 2900rpm
Dimension Measurement 1000*five hundred*1050mm
Overall Excess weight 170kg

Model SSM250B
Functioning Width 250mm
Operating Depth -5mm
Energy 3HP GX390
Velocity 2900rpm
Dimension Size 1000*five hundred*1050mm
Whole Excess weight 160kg

Model  SSM-300H SSM-300E
Engine Model  Honda gx690 24hp 11kw Siemens Motor 
Milling Width  300mm 300mm
Milling Depth  8-15mm 8-15mm
Milling Drum Assembly Replaceable blade
The amount of milling spindle drum six
Efficienc sixty five-80m²/h
Dimensions  1300*640*930mm
Operation Weight  306kg 339kg

Siemens Electrical Motor Concrete Asphalt Scarifying 200mm